How to Relax and Alleviate Stress Using Apps

happyWho wouldn’t like to be happy? If it’s only possible, everyone would just like to be happy and live a stress-free life. However, since this can never be possible in real life as problems and challenges are part of living, what people do to hang on and survive is to find ways to gain happiness and find relief from their sufferings.

Finding happiness is not all about having lots of money, getting married to the richest man in town or having the most voluptuous body. People have long realized this fact as they get all the stresses and preoccupations in today’s fast-paced, demanding, and pressuring world. Do you like to know how most people cope? Smartphones are one way.

As the name suggests, smartphones are smart gadgets that let you do many things like playing games, watching movies, shopping, visiting social media, reading news, and more. And with the advancement of technology, applications turn into a must. Applications, which are called apps for short, come in wide range of uses.

There are apps that let you find the right way, there are apps that let you know the fashion trends across the globe and for your total satisfaction, there are now apps that can make you relax and can relieve your stress.

These apps will let you rejuvenate your mind and soul as you pause for a break from a stressful work or from anything that’s pressuring you right now.

Want to know the 3 best apps that can help you relax and reduce your stress? Here are they.


Obviously, breathing is important to survive. But aside from that, it is also substantially important to managing panic attacks and for meditation. Surely, you have been told before that closing the eyes and breathing during a pressuring episode of your life. And while you feel relaxed doing it, you realized that focusing on your breathing also helps you to let go of unwanted thoughts and to just center your mind to anything that’s keeping you alive up to now.

Breathe2Relax helps to develop stress-relieving breathing techniques. It provides numerous exercises on diaphragmatic breathing or simply breathing from your stomach that can help reduce anxiety, depression and to fight stress. During every session, you also have the option to listen to music. Both compatible with phones and tablets, this free app also has a feature for stress tracking. Whenever your world is turning upside down, just use this app.

Relaxing Sounds of Nature Lite

relaxingAs a free app for iOS devices, this app offers nature-based sound escapes. If you’re within an area filled with so much distractions, just put on your headphone and open this app to hear some soothing sounds that will surely help you relax. The app comes with nature sounds like crashing waves, crickets humming, whale calling, pouring rain and other beach and natural sounds from nature. To further relieve your stress, the app also lets you create sounds together with images from your own sound and visual soundboards. This way, you’ll be able alleviate stress and have something to hear as you lie down and get sleep.


A both free and paid app for Android and iOS devices, Happify is the app that will make you happy. It is based from the 5 things that make people happy which include savoring, empathizing, aspiring, giving and thanking. Upon launching the app, you will choose what you want to track, like building self-confidence or dealing with your negative thoughts. It will then give you several activities everyday like games, quizzes and activities to help you achieve your goal. The premium version of the app has more activities to enjoy and feel relaxed.


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